#SummerSelfCare Challenge

A FREE 5 Day Challenge for moms to improve self-care this summer

Easy but effective daily challenges (no more than 10 minutes a day) to boost your energy, build healthy habits, and prioritize yourself amid the chaos of motherhood.

Begins June 25th!

Everyday I hear from moms who want to take care of themselves but just don't know how to fit it in.

They are struggling with:

  • being the caretaker of small children or a new baby 
  • stress and exhaustion
  • no time or energy to exercise
  • no time, energy, or willpower to prepare and eat healthy meals
  • work and home responsibilities
  • lack of sleep
  • feeling completely overwhelmed
  • not enough help or a good support system
  • just not knowing how to practice self-care or why they even should