What is Strength In Mothers?

The Strength in Mothers programs are created for moms who want to have a healthy, balanced lifestyle that empowers them to feel their best WITHOUT sacrificing their experience of motherhood with food and body obsession.

Are you SICK of spending time you could be devoting to your babies thinking about how to lose weight, or obsessing over food and your body?

Have you had enough of spending money on programs and trainers, sticking with them for a few weeks, then losing motivation?

Are you convinced there is something wrong with you because you can't follow a meal plan, calorie budget or macro plan? 


Moms are targeted in the fitness industry with negative messaging AND programs that set them up for failure! As a mom who may be feeling uncomfortable in your post-baby body, you are systematically TARGETED to feel worse about yourself, sold programs that DON'T WORK long-term because they are ridiculously unsustainable, and never taught how to approach food and exercise in a way that EMPOWERS you.

I'm sure sick of it, after living through it four times myself and seeing the state my clients come to me in: lacking confidence in themselves, totally out of touch with their bodies, feeling guilty about it, and more confused than ever about what to do.

There is NOTHING OUT THERE like the Strength in Mothers programs - programs that have the power to transform you into the happiest, healthiest version of yourself and stay that way FOREVER.

Program Levels - Get the support that's right for you

This is the highest level of access and customization available. Work privately with me through the program and I'll train you to achieve your ideal body by learning to eat intentionally, move past any mental blocks keeping you stuck, and treat yourself with compassion and kindness. This program is part-fitness and nutrition strategy, part-life coaching! Private coaching is for the mom who is ready to leverage the experience of a top-level, leading expert in this field and get right to the issues without wasting anymore time or money. 

Apply for 1:1 coaching

This is a group coaching program and support system that takes a group of 10 or less moms with similar struggles through the program TOGETHER. I will teach the program live weekly as a group, answer questions and give coaching to each member. You will have the support and validation of moms just like you struggling with the same issues, the chance to share solutions, and added accountability of what will become your family. The Mentorship is for moms who thrive on support and need added accountability.

What's the difference?

Private coaching is for you if you want the highest level of access to help, complete customization, a high level of accountability and education, and are ready to invest both time and money in yourself and your life.

The Mentorship is for you if you want total immersion in a supportive community while learning the concepts of the program. Many 1:1 clients move into the Mentorship after completing private coaching.

Hi, I'm Deanna

I'm Deanna Schober, CPT-PN1 and I’m a healthy lifestyle coach for new moms, co-host of the podcast Fitness & Sushi, and creator of the Strength In Mothers programs. 

I spent my early years of motherhood yo-yo dieting, losing weight then gaining it right back. I missed out on having a positive experience of those years because I wasn't taking care of myself and only focused on how much I hated my post-baby body. 

When I finally reached my "perfect" body, I thought I would be happy. But instead, my food and body obsession continued, and I lived my life terrified that one bad meal or missed workout would make me lose my entire identity of Fit Mom.

At this point it dawned on me...I'm never going to be happy this way, whether I'm struggling to lose weight or struggling not to LOSE the weight loss. There had to be a better way...

That's how I discovered I could have my IDEAL BODY.

I was able to heal my relationship with my body and with food, and I did it without going to any extremes. I now sit naturally at my healthiest weight, I'm the fittest I've ever been in my life, and there is no more war or berating going on in my head. Just peace.

I reverse-engineered this process for my clients when I realized that they were struggling with the same mindset I had been, and it was holding them back from reaching their goals AND having peace as well. 

This is how the Strength in Mothers programs were born.


Your ideal body happens when you maximize your physical health, address your satisfaction and mental health, and accept the body that is the result.

Unlike your "goal" body or perfect body, you aren't forcing your body to change, or manipulating it from a place of restriction or self-hatred. You're simply addressing your nutrition and exercise needs, staying balanced enough to still enjoy life, and practicing self-compassion and kindness through the entire process.

The Strength In Mothers Programs teach you to how to achieve your ideal body in 3 phases:

Phase 1: Become aware of dieting patterns that are killing your consistency (emotional eating, restriction patterns, black and white thinking). ‭Learn to create eating habits that are effortless, healthy and balanced enough for you to sustain through my NES System‬.

Phase 2: Learn to tap back into your body's signals, understand why you might overeat or binge, determine what your body needs so you can stop relying on willpower. Become aware of your motivations and tap into the ones that drive you long-term and make you feel free.

Phase 3: Find your flow, maintain consistency, learn to tweak without falling into old patterns, maintain your habits through ANY circumstance motherhood throws at you

Not only will you feel healthier and stronger, but you'll feel FREE from food and body obsession, HAPPY at every phase, and READY to live your best life without the shackles of diets and oppressive programs (that DON'T work!)

Client Testimonials

Strength in Mothers is a lifestyle coaching program that teaches you how to achieve your Ideal Body - your healthiest physical self that does not come at the expense of your quality of life and time as a mom. Here are just a few of the women whose lives have been forever changed by these programs:

“I cannot say enough about how much I have enjoyed working with Deanna. With her help not only am I in the best shape and the strongest I have ever been before, but most importantly I am more confident and feel better than ever. I have struggled with body image for many many years and this program has helped me accept me for me. I no longer have a love/hate relationship with food and exercise. I never feel like I’m on a diet, I just live a healthy lifestyle. I feel like Deanna has become a friend of mine and helped guide me through this journey after having a baby. This program forced me to do something for me each day so I could be a better mommy to my little Luke. I HIGHLY recommend working with her if you feel you need some guidance after baby. Thank you Deanna for all you have done for me!!!” -Liz L

“I was not prepared for the many changes that come with pregnancy~ physically and emotionally. Even though I have been a fitness trainer myself I had never had a baby which adds all sorts of new challenges so I needed support and luckily came across Deanna’s website. Not only is she a wealth of knowledge she is extremely caring, thoughtful and supportive. I wanted her coaching so that I could lose the stubborn pregnancy weight that just would not come off. I ended up losing all 30 lbs in a short time and gained a whole new perspective on my life as a Mom and how I feel in my body. Listening to my body and loving myself for who I am as I am, are a direct result of Deanna’s mindset homework and personal coaching. She is a remarkable woman and mother, and I feel so blessed to have her on my team. I am confident she can help any woman achieve their health and fitness goals. I was truly hopeless when I first came to her and now I feel empowered, confident and ready for baby #2!!” -Jeanine S

"Full disclosure: I’ve never done a “workout selfie” like this. I actually hemmed and hawed over posting it. Because when I started 16 weeks ago, I was definitely more concerned about the top of the pyramid than the bottom. I knew I NEEDED to work on my mindset. I was sick of the scale ruining my day, sick of the guilt, sick of being mean to myself and worried what I would teach my daughter about her own body when I couldn’t “get a grip” on my own. Then I came across Deanna’s free workout challenge and almost didn’t do it because we were moving our kitchen that week and things were “too crazy.” And then I finally said ENOUGH! I have to start somewhere and I don’t want to wait until life is “settled enough” to start feeling good about myself again. So I did the challenge. Then I did her 8 week boot camp. And now I’m on month two of the #FastFitMoms club.  

I’ve worked on my mindset. I’ve consistently done 15-20 minute workouts most days of the week for 16 weeks. I’ve worked on my intuitive eating. And now I’m (currently) here. It feels SO good.  

I didn’t get here by endless miles on the treadmill, three hour trips to the gym, cutting out fun foods I love (like popcorn, pizza, and chocolate), or by beating myself up on the scale or for missing a workout.  

Is my body perfect? NO. But I love it. I feel strong. I have more energy. AND I didn’t have to wait until life was more manageable to feel this way." -Jen M

“Deanna was the motivation I needed to get back into shape after having my babies. The coaching program, structure and mindset courses was what I needed to focus on myself and my goals. Deanna’s program made me realize I need to prioritize myself for the happiness of my children and my spouse. I am now stronger and leaner than I ever thought I would be. The structure of the program took away all the guess work and calculations to starting a new lifestyle. The weekly check ins kept me accountable and inspired. This is more than a diet plan, this is a lifestyle that is executable for the rest of your life. I am so happy and thankful I signed up for this! No one tells you how difficult and crazy motherhood is going to be, Deanna’s program made one piece of it a little more manageable!”-Paulina R