Private Coaching with Deanna Schober, CPT, PN1

A totally unique, high-access fitness, nutrition, and mindset coaching program for women ready to commit to a healthy transition into motherhood

I am now accepting a handful of committed and highly-motivated women to join my priority-access coaching program, #NewMomHealthyLife.

(Here I am with baby #1, and baby #4)  

I came through the early years of my first three children feeling as though I had survived a near-drowning. During those postpartum years:  

  • I was completely out of touch with my body.
  • I ignored things like hunger or being stuffed.
  • I dreaded exercise and only did it for weight loss then would give it up the second I lost the weight.
  • I believed my children, my career, the needs of everyone around me, even the laundry should come first before my own needs.
  • I believed the crusts of my kids' sandwiches were an acceptable lunch for myself to fuel insanely busy days (and then couldn't understand why I binged at night).
  • I judged my own worth by the number on the scale.
  • I regularly "zoned out" with food to numb my feelings rather than deal with them.
  • I would punish myself for this with exercise and strict diets.
  • I would beat myself up for every "bad" food decision and berate my post-baby body to the mirror.
  • I would constantly bounce between being on the wagon and spectacularly off the wagon.  

This mindset that I was operating in was not only miserable but completely destructive. And now that I've been coaching postpartum mothers for the past several years, I can see that this existence is so much more common than I had ever believed.

But it does not have to be this way. 

My life now is living proof:

  • I know exactly what my body needs and what it's telling me.
  • I love healthy food. I also still eat sushi and enjoy pleasurable food, even if it's high calorie.
  • I committed to fulfilling my own needs, right alongside my kids and family's. I have the energy needed to take care of them because I am also taken care of.
  • I haven't skipped a meal or overeaten in years. I don't tolerate hunger and low blood sugar, and I don't tolerate being stuffed either.
  • I can look at the scale like a scientist. It does not define who I am.
  • I have healthy coping mechanisms to deal with feelings and emotions.
  • I don't do diets. I eat anything I want, anytime I want.
  • I exercise out of love for my body.
  • I don't consider food good or bad anymore. It's just food.
  • I feel completely *neutral* when I look in the mirror. (Sometimes I'm like, "heck yeah lookin' good!" but mostly there's just a peaceful silence)
  • There's no wagon. Just a vessel that I need to maintain and take care of: my body.

I could not have made these radical changes to my life without leveraging the experience and wisdom of mentors, which is one of the reasons I started coaching. I realized, after speaking with women all over the world who had just had babies, that they needed very specific help getting their groove back. They needed:  

  • Support. Someone who has been there and knows what it’s like, someone to walk them through the hard stuff and listen to their struggles. Having a new baby can be lonely and isolating.  
  • Guidance. Help knowing what to eat and how much to eat to work with postpartum hormones, especially when breastfeeding. Guidance knowing how to exercise to save time AND be more effective.  
  • Time. Time is a precious commodity in the first year after giving birth. The more time I could free up for them, the better.  
  • Mindset Training. So many women can be so hard on themselves and their bodies after pregnancy. They need to cement any nutrition and fitness changes with a mindset that holds it all in place.  

I created a one-on-one coaching program that I hoped would help women not only survive the first couple of years, but thrive the way I did.  

I opened it up to a handful of applicants who are all currently thriving, losing the weight they swore they could not lose, exercising regularly, and eating delicious, healthy meals each day.  

They’re also still enjoying Mexican restaurants, wine, and ice cream.  

They have been incredibly successful at learning how to balance motherhood with the habits that make them look and feel great, and love themselves in the process.  

They’ve been able to turn around poor body image and think differently about their post-baby bodies, before they ever even dropped their first size.  

They were able to find that calorie “sweet spot” for nursing mothers – high enough to keep up milk supply and energy levels, but also signal to the body that it’s ok to drop extra fat.  

If this sounds like something you could use help with, keep reading…

Do you relate to any of these? 

  • I can’t figure out how to fit fitness, healthy eating, and self-care into my life now that I’m a mom
  •  I’m struggling with my post-baby body and nothing is “working”
  • I’m confused about what or how much to eat while I’m nursing, or I'm afraid my supply will drop if I diet or exercise
  • I have dieted my whole life but now I’m inspired to be healthy for my child
  • My body image is suffering after the changes of pregnancy
  • I do fine during the week but lose control on the weekends
  • I'm feeling completely overwhelmed
  • I'm struggling with not feeling supported
  • I can’t find the energy to push through workouts now that I’m sleeping less

If this sounds like you, I can help.