Meet just a few of the women whose lives have been forever changed working with Deanna Schober...

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“I cannot say enough about how much I have enjoyed working with Deanna. With her help not only am I in the best shape and the strongest I have ever been before, but most importantly I am more confident and feel better than ever. I have struggled with body image for many many years and this program has helped me accept me for me. I no longer have a love/hate relationship with food and exercise. I never feel like I’m on a diet, I just live a healthy lifestyle. I feel like Deanna has become a friend of mine and helped guide me through this journey after having a baby. This program forced me to do something for me each day so I could be a better mommy to my little Luke. I HIGHLY recommend working with her if you feel you need some guidance after baby. Thank you Deanna for all you have done for me!!!” -Liz L

“I was not prepared for the many changes that come with pregnancy~ physically and emotionally. Even though I have been a fitness trainer myself I had never had a baby which adds all sorts of new challenges so I needed support and luckily came across Deanna’s website. Not only is she a wealth of knowledge she is extremely caring, thoughtful and supportive. I wanted her coaching so that I could lose the stubborn pregnancy weight that just would not come off. I ended up losing all 30 lbs in a short time and gained a whole new perspective on my life as a Mom and how I feel in my body. Listening to my body and loving myself for who I am as I am, are a direct result of Deanna’s mindset homework and personal coaching. She is a remarkable woman and mother, and I feel so blessed to have her on my team. I am confident she can help any woman achieve their health and fitness goals. I was truly hopeless when I first came to her and now I feel empowered, confident and ready for baby #2!!” -Jeanine S

"Full disclosure: I’ve never done a “workout selfie” like this. I actually hemmed and hawed over posting it. Because when I started 16 weeks ago, I was definitely more concerned about the top of the pyramid than the bottom. I knew I NEEDED to work on my mindset. I was sick of the scale ruining my day, sick of the guilt, sick of being mean to myself and worried what I would teach my daughter about her own body when I couldn’t “get a grip” on my own. Then I came across Deanna’s free workout challenge and almost didn’t do it because we were moving our kitchen that week and things were “too crazy.” And then I finally said ENOUGH! I have to start somewhere and I don’t want to wait until life is “settled enough” to start feeling good about myself again. So I did the challenge. Then I did her 8 week boot camp. And now I’m on month two of the #FastFitMoms club.  

I’ve worked on my mindset. I’ve consistently done 15-20 minute workouts most days of the week for 16 weeks. I’ve worked on my intuitive eating. And now I’m (currently) here. It feels SO good. 

I didn’t get here by endless miles on the treadmill, three hour trips to the gym, cutting out fun foods I love (like popcorn, pizza, and chocolate), or by beating myself up on the scale or for missing a workout.  

Is my body perfect? NO. But I love it. I feel strong. I have more energy. AND I didn’t have to wait until life was more manageable to feel this way." -Jen M

“Deanna was the motivation I needed to get back into shape after having my babies. The coaching program, structure and mindset courses was what I needed to focus on myself and my goals. Deanna’s program made me realize I need to prioritize myself for the happiness of my children and my spouse. I am now stronger and leaner than I ever thought I would be. The structure of the program took away all the guess work and calculations to starting a new lifestyle. The weekly check ins kept me accountable and inspired. This is more than a diet plan, this is a lifestyle that is executable for the rest of your life. I am so happy and thankful I signed up for this! No one tells you how difficult and crazy motherhood is going to be, Deanna’s program made one piece of it a little more manageable!”-Paulina R

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